A Broken Tooth Might Require Total Extraction Before It Can Be Restored with a Dental Implant

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A hard blow to the face or an accidental fall can sometimes impact with such force that it severely fractures, cracks or shatters a tooth. In a severe case, the broken tooth might need to be completely extracted by our Columbia Dental Excellence and Mizrachi Dental Care dentist, Dr. Avi Mizrachi. We can also help to restore the tooth with a dental implant.

To do this we will first refer you to an oral surgeon to have a titanium abutment installed into your gums and underlying jawbone. To accomplish this, a narrow channel will be made and a titanium abutment is then screwed into the channel. Titanium is known for being biologically safe and will actually fuse with your natural bone to create a very firm anchor point for a crown. Once your gums have healed and the titanium implant has been fully integrated into the surrounding bone tissues, we can start the process of placing a standard crown.

If you have a damaged or broken tooth, we invite you to call Columbia Dental Excellence or Mizrachi Dental Care in Columbia and Westminster, Maryland for immediate treatment. Dr. Avi Mizrachi and our team are always eager to help keep your smile healthy and confident.