A Toothache is an Obvious Sign of a Severely Distressed tooth

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Toothaches can come in different degrees of severity and from alternate sources. Many times it also includes discomfort, pain or pressure in the gums. These symptoms are a salient sign that the internal structures of the tooth are in distress and that the problem could potentially spread to the gums.

In many cases, toothaches are the direct result of untreated tooth decay that has penetrated the root of the tooth. To remedy a problem of this magnitude, Dr. Avi Mizrachi will need to treat the tooth at his Columbia, Maryland, dental office.

This might call for endodontic treatment measures like a root canal. In an extreme case, this might also call for tooth extraction.

If you suspect the toothache was caused by a recent oral trauma, it’s possible that the accident may have damaged the sensitive internal structures of the tooth or gums. If you have blood and debris in your mouth, you can rinse them away with lukewarm saltwater. If there is swelling in your lip or cheek, you can hold a cold compress to your face for 15 minutes at a time.

Rubbing a topical oral analgesic on the surrounding gums or holding a cold compress to your cheek might provide some temporary relief from pain while you’re waiting for your appointment at Columbia Dental Excellence.  

If you live in the Columbia, Maryland, area and you’re suffering from a toothache, you should not delay in calling 410-381-0505 to seek timely treatment at Dr. Avi Mizrachi’s dental office.