Avoid Holiday Letdowns Due to Tooth Hazards

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As with all oral health care procedures, it is also important to remember that numerous products you place into your mouth can lead to severe damage. Tooth hazards can occur at any time, but they are often most present due to the foods and drinks we consume.

Beware that products that linger on your teeth and gums long after consumption can drastically increase your rate of tooth decay. This includes sticky and gummy candies. The longer that gummy debris can linger on your teeth, the more harm it will cause. In addition, it can be more difficult to wash away with traditional cleaning methods. Ideally, avoid gummy candy and the tooth hazards it causes.

Never try to open any products with your teeth, as they are not bottle openers. Too often, dentists are fixing teeth that have been damaged due to individuals trying to open products with their teeth. Instead, always use scissors or a bottle opener handy to minimize your temptation to use your mouth.

Snacking constantly can lead to a serious tooth ailment if you continually eat without give me your teeth time to rest. In addition, smacking produces less saliva than a meal will, which will allow bits of food to linger around your teeth longer. Furthermore, snacking between meals increases the time in which tooth decay can occur.

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