Avoid Transferring Germs to Your Mouth With These Dental Tips

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You are no doubt aware that germs exist everywhere, but did you know that you could be unconsciously transferring more germs than is normal to your mouth? It’s easy to accidentally introduce germs to your smile while eating or cleaning your teeth, but if you are interested in maintaining a healthy smile, we encourage you to limit the amount of germs that touch your teeth. If you are concerned about the level of germs in your mouth, we offer the following dental health tips to keep your smile in good shape:

Proper toothbrush care goes a long way in controlling bacteria levels in your smile. After each use, take time to rinse off your toothbrush to flush away lingering food particles or bacteria before placing the toothbrush in an upright position out in the open. This enables it to dry properly without coming into contact with additional germs. Another important step is preventing cross-contamination by not swapping toothbrushes with others. Finally, even the most hygienic toothbrush should be replaced every three or four months.

Because the germiest area of your body is your hands, wash your hands before cleaning your smile so that they don’t transfer germs to your mouth while you brush or floss, since it’s very easy for your fingers to touch your teeth.

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