Effective Treat Guidelines and Lists

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Do you have a list of treats to avoid this Halloween season? If you have children or even if you’d like to consume sweets as an adult, it is important to make a list of all treats and sweets that can significantly damage your teeth and gums. Although it’s best to avoid all forms of sugary sweets, we know that isn’t always possible. Consider the following list of some of the candies you should avoid this Halloween season:

Chewy Sweets: Chewy sweets can increase the rate at which dental erosion occurs. In addition, chewy sweets such as taffy, caramels, and gummies are very difficult to wash away and can continue to cause problems long after you have consumed the product.

Hard Candies: Avoid hard candies that can easily chip and crack your teeth. This includes candy apples.

Popcorn: Popcorn comes in many forms during Halloween, and can easily damage your smile. Exercise caution with popcorn balls and popcorn kernels that can chip or crack teeth, or get lodged between your teeth and in your gums.

Acidic Substances: Overly acidic substances such as sour candies and fruit drinks can sometimes have a pH level comparable to battery acid. Make an effort to avoid these products as much as possible to prevent erosion or abrasion from occurring.

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