Smile Restorations Begin with Mouthwash

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If you are searching for a product to use the day to supplement your oral health care routine, mouthwash can be a highly effective option. Mouthwash is quick and easy to use, and can be implemented throughout the day. If you need to freshen your breath and mouth, but can’t brush or floss, a little mouthwash can go a long way.

Although some brands of mouthwash have ingredients that whiten your teeth, you should speak with your dentist before you use it. Your dentist will be able to advise you about the efficacy of any product, and discuss tooth-whitening options with you.
Cosmetic mouthwash is designed to give you fresh breath, but it does not contain fluoride or any ingredients that fight cavities or plaque. If you have chronic bad breath, you may need to change your brushing and flossing habits, or you may have an underlying medical condition that needs to be addressed by your dentist or your physician. If you have concerns about your bad breath, talk about it with Dr. Avi Mizrachi at your next appointment.

Everyone at Columbia Dental Excellence wants to ensure your smile shines no matter what issues you may be facing. If you have questions about bad breath, or other dental issues, please contact our office in Columbia, Maryland, by calling us at 410-381-0505. We will do our best to assist you in any way we can.