Teeth Whitening: The Options

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With the different foods and materials out there that can discolor teeth, you may find that your chompers aren’t as bright as they once were. Good news: wanting a shinier smile is more rampant than you may think, and there are a few different possibilities you can pursue if a brighter smile is your mission.

Professional procedures.
Chairside bleaching, also called in-office bleaching, can be done in as fast as one visit to our office. During this service, Dr. Avi Mizrachi will apply a protective coating gel to your gums before applying bleach to whiten your teeth.

Toothpaste with whitening. Each toothpaste contains abrasive materials that will help your chompers look whiter by eliminating plaque, but there are some special toothpastes that contain compounds for polishing and removing stains from your pearly whites. Be watchful, though, because not all whitening toothpastes are created equally. As always, you can be assured in the product you purchase if it shows an ADA seal of approval.

At-home products.
There are multiple products on the market that bleach pearly whites. Many come in the form of whitening gel trays or strips. These generally contain less-concentrated bleach than what we use in the office, so you’ll probably have to use them for at least a week before you sense any outcomes. Feel free to ask us extra about this type of whitening solution if you have additional inquiries.

We’d love to lend our assistance to you as you whiten your teeth. Have you scheduled your next checkup with our Columbia, Maryland, office? Please call our team at Columbia Dental Excellence at 410-381-0505 now so we can get you scheduled.