The Finer Details of Crowns and Veneers

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If you are searching for a tooth restoration treatment, two wonderful choices we offer are dental crowns and dental veneers. Dental crowns work by inserting a cap directly over a tooth for added comfort and damage prevention, whereas dental veneers are fused and bound to the fronts of teeth to conceal damage and promote a more beautiful smile. The question is, should you choose dental crowns or dental veneers.

In detail, dental crowns are tooth restoration treatments that fully cap and conceal problematic teeth with substances that can add an extra layer of protection to your teeth by fully protecting them from the dangers of dental erosion and tooth decay. Dental crowns usually last for over two decades before they need to be replaced.

Dental veneers are tooth restoration treatments that cover the fronts of teeth with thin, yet durable shells that are designed to change the look of a tooth with a minimally invasive procedure. Similar to crowns, dental veneers can withstand many years of normal wear and tear before they need to be replaced.

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