Using Water Flossers

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While most of our patients have no issues with regularly brushing their teeth, regularly flossing is nearly always an issue. Fortunately, water flossers such as Waterpik® have advanced so much that they are nearly as effective, and they have made flossing an enjoyable experience for many people who use them.

Using a narrow stream of water to clean between your teeth, water flossers effectively dislodge food, plaque, and bacteria by pulsing and compressing the water. Fie on your thread floss! Studies examining the efficacy of certain water flossers have found that they can be even more effective than regular floss.

While they excel in flossing and removing plaque, water flossers are also very effective in treating gum disease. The pulsing stream of water quickly dislodges the bacteria around the gums and even out of the pockets often made by gum disease.

Another thing that they do exceptionally well is make flossing around orthodontic appliances much easier. The wires that rearrange your teeth make cleaning between them very difficult, but water flossers have no problem with it.

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